July 2018

24JUL(JUL 24)8:00 PM25(JUL 25)12:00 AMFilm Appreciation NightThe Nights of Cabiria & Smithereens8:00 PM - 12:00 AM (25)



Introducing our bi-weekly Film Appreciation Night (FAN), which showcases movies ranging widely in genre, decade made, and country of origin on a large projector screen in an intimate bar setting.

Every other Tuesday we will show two films that are either widely considered to be classic, important films that everyone should see; or just fun ones we like that you maybe haven’t heard of or would enjoy seeing again. While both films might sometimes vary greatly in tone or genre or age, there will always be some common thread that connects the two.

For our fourth installment we have have two films from very different eras that are nonetheless spiritual siblings, with one being the inspiration and basis for the other.

-The Nights of Cabiria-
Now considered to be a bonafide classic, Cabiria was made after Fellini’s first collaboration with Dino De Laurentiis, La Strada, brought the legendary producer a Best Foreign Language Film Oscar, and the duo wanted to capitalize on that success with this story of a prostitute looking for peace and happiness but finding none in the streets of Rome. While not as lauded over as Fellini’s more famed works, Cabiria has gone on to achieve cult status as one of the finest examples of modern filmmaking.

For her first feature length gig as a writer/director/editor/producer, filmmaker Susan Seidelman told her lead and first-time actor Susan Berman to simply watch The Nights of Cabiria to research for her role as a narcissistic punk in her movie depicting the underground art scene of early 80’s New York City. With punk icon Richard Hell being the most screen-tested face on camera, Seidelman opted for authentic members of the scene at the time over experienced actors, and the gamble paid off with an exceptionally accurate and entertaining portrayal of the New York underground scene at the time. The film was also one of the first American independent films to show at the main competition at Cannes.


Before the start of the show we will showcase classic cartoons, followed by vintage movie trailers specifically curated from the year the film being shown was released.
In between the two films we will have a brief break and show a palate-cleansing short or two, often of the experimental/avant garde/non-narrative form.

We ask that noise be kept to a minimum in the front bar area during showings. There is a back lounge and large backyard for those who wish to converse and enjoy themselves at regular volume.

All F.A.N. selections, cartoons, and shorts are curated by Brian Simonson, Blind Texas Marlin, and Josh Wexler.


Tuesday, JUL 24, 2018 - Wednesday, JUL 25, 2018


Okay Bar

1700 Port St.