June 2018

12JUN7:00 PM11:59 PMFilm Appreciation Night (FAN)Actors that Directed Once: Night of The Hunter & Quick Change7:00 PM - 11:59 PM



Introducing our new bi-weekly Film Appreciation Night (F.A.N.), which will showcase movies ranging widely in genre, decade made, and country of origin on a large premium projector screen through professional sound in an intimate bar setting.

Every other Tuesday we will show two films that are either widely considered to be classic, important films that everyone should see; or just fun ones we like that you maybe haven’t heard of or would enjoy seeing again. While both films might sometimes vary greatly in tone or genre or age, there will always be some common thread that connects the two.

Before the start of the show we will showcase classic cartoons, followed by vintage movie trailers specifically curated from the year the film being shown was released.
In between the two films we will have a brief break and show a palate-cleansing short or two, often of the experimental/avant garde/non-narrative form.

We ask that noise be kept to a minimum in the front bar area during showings. There is a back lounge and large backyard for those who wish to converse and enjoy themselves at regular volume.

All F.A.N. selections, cartoons, and shorts are curated by Brian Simonson, Blind Texas Marlin, and Josh Wexler.

For our inaugural night, we will be showing two movies that are certainly very different in many ways, but share two very distinct traits: they are both about people trying to get away with stolen money, and they were both directed by famous actors who never directed again.

The Night of the Hunter (1955) – While now widely considered to be one of the most influential American films of all time, this was English stage and screen legend Charles Laughton’s only directorial effort, done late in his career after nearly two decades of acting. A critical and commercial failure, he died just a few years later before getting another chance to direct. But now the film is held up amongst the best of all time, not just for Laughton’s stark, minimal style; but due to the iconic Robert Mitchum as a religious fanatic who marries a gullible widow whose young children are reluctant to tell him where their real daddy hid $10,000 he’d stolen in a robbery. There are few movies quite like it that have come before or since, and it is truly a masterpiece of American cinema.

Quick Change (1990) – Bill Murray is one of the most beloved people in Hollywood, so it’s a surprise that he hasn’t directed more movies. But his passion project with writer Howard Franklin about three bank robbers trying to escape New York City with their loot stands as his only credit behind the camera. After courting a few big names like Jonathan Demme and Ron Howard, the two ultimately decided to helm the movie themselves because they ended up caring too much about it to let anyone else do it. And it certainly shows in the decidedly more dry, deadpan tone of the film that suits Murray’s style almost too well. No wonder it’s considered by many to be one of his best roles. Too bad 1990 audiences wanted more Ghostbusters Bill and less of the Bill we would come to love in the 2000’s and the film was a flop, which likely was the reason we never saw him direct another picture.


Tuesday, JUN 12, 2018 - Tuesday, JUN 12, 2018


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