August 2018

07AUG8:00 PMFilm Appreciation NightThe 400 Blows + Rebels of the Neon God8:00 PM



Introducing our bi-weekly Film Appreciation Night (FAN), which showcases movies ranging widely in genre, decade made, and country of origin on a large projector screen in an intimate bar setting.

Every other Tuesday we will show two films that are either widely considered to be classic, important films that everyone should see; or just fun ones we like that you maybe haven’t heard of or would enjoy seeing again. While both films might sometimes vary greatly in tone or genre or age, there will always be some common thread that connects the two.

For our fifth installment we have two debuts from two of cinema’s great understated geniuses, both stories of teenage ennui and angst told from the perspective of two vastly different cultures and generations with very similar results, proving that dissatisfaction with one’s current state is a universally human theme. In addition to kicking off their careers, both films also kicked off long and fruitful working relationships between the directors and the lead actors of each film.

-The 400 Blows (1959)-
French New Wave guru François Truffaut’s timeless tale of a troubled young man and his search for contentment in life is not only a testament to the lasting influence of the era, but its style and voice can be seen and heard throughout virtually every film about malaise and existential dread that has come since. It is a true classic of modern cinema and deserves to be seen by any and all appreciators of film.

-Rebels of the Neon God (1992)-
With a vastly understated style, leader of the Taiwanese “Second New Wave” Ming-liang Tsai (who names the 400 Blows as his favorite film) introduces his unique voice and his beloved Hsiao-kang (a fixture in all of his films played by career-long collaborator Lee Kang-sheng), who gets into trouble with his friends around the urban sprawl of 90’s Taiwan while trying to figure out what they want out of life.


Before the start of the show we will showcase classic cartoons or animated shorts, followed by vintage movie trailers, all specifically curated from the year the film being shown was released.

We ask that noise be kept to a minimum in the front bar area during showings. There is a back lounge and large backyard for those who wish to converse and enjoy themselves at regular volume.

All F.A.N. selections, cartoons, and shorts are curated by Brian Simonson, Blind Texas Marlin, and Josh Wexler.


Tuesday, AUG 7, 2018


Okay Bar

1700 Port St.